In his all-too-brief 40 years, John Lennon taught theworld countless lessons. In addition to being a world-class singer, songwriter andmusician, Lennon was also a published author, artist, political activist and champion ofworld peace. So it stands to reason that he might know a bit about interpersonalrelations, right? Well, sort of. Lennon was indeed the first Beatleto marry and the first Beatle to become a father; on the flip-side, John was also thefirst Beatle to divorce and the first Beatle to re-marry. But even after he found hissoul-mate in second wife Yoko Ono, there were problems. Here's a peekat a few lessons we can learn from his life about how to balance friendships and arelationship.1- Keep her away from guy group activities

When Lennon and Yoko Ono became an item in 1968, it was the beginning of not only aromantic relationship, but something of a symbiotic one. Yoko introduced John to the worldof avant-garde art, and -- God help us -- Lennon proceeded to get Yoko involved in popmusic. (How many of you know that Yoko sang on TheBeatles' White Album? Yes, it's true.) During Beatlesrecording sessions in 1969, Ono was so involved that she became John's constant companionin the studio, which severely displeased the other Beatles, particularly when she beganoffering musical advice. Even though some of Lennon's most cutting-edgemusic was recorded and released during the "early Yoko" era -- including "I Want You(She's So Heavy)," "Come Together" and "Revolution" -- the damage to the group'scamaraderie was evident. (It was not for nothing that Paul McCartney reportedly stareddown Yoko in the studio as he sang "Get back to where you once belonged," as John oncetold an interviewer.) So guys, the lesson to be learned here is this: Ifyou're thinking of inviting your girl to that Friday night poker game with the boys --think again.2- Regularly schedule "guy time"

By 1973, Lennon and Ono were tired of the constant togetherness and had become estranged,which led to Lennon leaving the couple's NYC digs (at Ono's request) and taking upresidence in Los Angeles withmusic industry assistant May Pang. In later years, Lennon referred to this period in hislife as "The Lost Weekend," as he partied hard with pals like fellow musicians Keith Moon,Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz and Ringo Starr. While the stories of Lennon'smisbehavior in L.A. during this period were quickly infamous, Yoko believed she was savingtheir relationship by allowing John to sow some wild oats with friends. (A tip: If you'regoing to sow some oats, try not to get kicked out of a nightclub wearing a femininehygiene product on your forehead, as Lennon did in L.A.) FYI: Scheduling "guytime" on a regular basis with your pals -- whether it be watching the ball game, downing afew at the local watering hole or whatever -- lessens the chances that you'll go bonkersduring a night on the town. (Not purchasing feminine hygiene products may help in thatregard, as well.) We've got three more tips after the jump... Continue Reading ]More...[/url]