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Click here to follow AskMen Fashion on Twitter.Have you noticed that people react to you differently based on whatyou wear? Do certain outfits lend you special treatment and others yield the silenttreatment? Has a sharp suit won you a seat upgrade on a plane? Have sweatpants made youfeel like a leper at the grocery store? If you answered “yes” to any of thesequestions, you’ve experienced the social dynamics of clothing. Judgingsomeone solely on attire may seem unfair. Really, I’m the same person whetherI’m sporting Prada or Payless. I still drink milk out of a wine glass and prefer mysandwiches cut in triangles, no matter what I’m wearing. But there’s noavoiding it: Looks matter, and there's no reason why we can’t use that to ouradvantage.Why Looks Matter

So you might be thinking, “Duh. I kind of already knew that.” Homeless-guyfashion does not lend itself well to social gatherings, and socks on ears are generallyfrowned upon (excluding a few very fashion-forward designers). I agree with you.And that’s why I’d like to scratch the socio-apparel surface a bit deeper.My goal is to offer you research-based facts that may prompt you to rethink thegarb you grab when standing before your closet in the morning. I aim to show you thatpicking the right apparel can prove very valuable. Moreover, clothes can, in part,determine your successwith women, how much money you make and the way people treat you in general.I’ll also include fashion tips to help you conquer each domain. There are somemighty big claims here -- let’s see if there’s any truth to them.[polldaddy poll="5655694"]Clothes Affect Your Success With Women

In one university study, women rated the attractiveness of one man dressed in severaldifferent getups. Outfits ranged from a designer suit and tricked-out watch all the waydown to a lowly fast-food uniform. As you can imagine, ladies preferred the power suit tothe burger-flipping one. But it’s why they chose the businessmanthat’s important.The study notes that girls actively sought signs of“status” when judging the man’s clothes, and they liked that look betterbecause it suggested a good provider. In other words, women do care what you wear, andthis is why looks matter. Girls favor a put-together guy because it's likelier he can putfood on the table. Does this make all women gold diggers? Not exactly. Though like the humble homingpigeon, which can detect subtle signs to lead it home, women’s brains are awesomelyadept at spotting signs on men that point to prosperity. (Note: Women do not have thebrains of pigeons. Don’t pin that on me.)RELATEDVIDEO: 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your AppearanceSo, clothes can be a tool to boost your standing with the opposite sex, but what kind ofstyle should you be channeling? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a billionaire towin a lady’s hand. More realistically, you just have to nail the right details.The goods you need to command a girl’s attention: A qualitytimepiece, a fitted (though not necessarily designer) suit, a well-polished pair ofoxfords or boots, and a crisp button-down shirt. Equipped with these style essentials, youcan scientifically increase your chances with women. (Note: Unless you respond to the nameJay-Z, never "over-bling” yourself. The risk of looking like a Christmas ornamentstands too great.Not convinced that looks matter? Here's how a few tweaksto your wardrobe can lead to a raise at work... Continue Reading

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