Regular exercise takes an incredible amount ofdiscipline and dedication. The most common complaint coming from men with busy work andfamily lives is a perceived lack of time. If time is the barrier that prevents these menfrom exercising consistently and achieving the results they desire, then a freshperspective is badly needed. It starts not by going to the gym to work out,but by bringing exercise to you -- whether you're at work, at home or on a businesstrip. We're going to introduce you to five office exercises that areeffective and fun. Office chair squat

This simple office exercise can be one of the most effective body-strengtheningmovements. Begin by standing as tall as possible and relaxing your shoulders. Lift your toes up to the top ofyour shoes. This will center your feet and help ensure that you are performing the squatcorrectly. While keeping your back perfectly straight, lower your bum to within one inchfrom the seat of your chair. Perform a 10-second hold at the bottom of the rep. Rememberto keep your knees well behind your toes to keep stress off the knee joint. Your bumshould be the first muscles to lift your body back to the standing position. Desk press

This fantastic office exercise will strengthen both your upper body and core. While keeping your body in astraight line using your core muscles, hold a push-up position with your elbows at a90-degree angle. While holding this position, execute 10 knee-drives, followed by 5push-ups. Repeat 3 to 4 reps. Business flight

This office exercise will target the areas that are typically compromised while workingat a desk -- specifically the hamstrings and the mid-back regions. Begin by standing astall as possible. Pull your head and your shoulders back and down to create a“perfect posture” position. Using your hips as a hinge, bend over whilestanding on one leg and extending the other leg so that it and your torso are parallel tothe floor. Hold for 3 seconds, then return to the original starting position. Perform thisexercise for 1 minute before switching legs and repeating. Victory

Posture is often compromised while sitting at a desk over the course of a day. Use thisoffice exercise to straighten up and activate both your deep inner core and importantpostural musculature. Begin by putting yourself into perfect posture while seated: exhale,lengthen your spine and make your body as tall as possible. Hold this tall and perfectposture position and then lean forward, open up your chest and extend your arms as if youwere pushing up against a small rooftop over your head. Office hip hiker

Almost all adults will have had at least one episode of lower back pain over the courseof their lifetimes. Performing this simple exercise in your office chair can provide muchrelief from an achy lower back. Begin by sitting up straight. Lift one of your glutes upand almost off the chair and return it back to the chair. Repeat on the other side;perform the exercise in a continuous side-to-side “rocking motion” for roi

For the man who is weighed down by family, work and other life commitments, therealization that a gym or a fitness center isn't really necessary for exercise is one ofthe great starting points to better health. The fact that gravity is a force that isalways present in our lives means that there is always an opportunity to move and createexercise anywhere and any time. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]