"First and foremost, I just want to thank my savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the platform God has given me." -Tim TebowTim Tebow had an incredible game yesterday. It was maybe the best game of his career. Not many people thought Tebow could pull it off. He had lost three straight games and was going up against a tough Pittsburgh defense. But Tebow came out strong, not afraid to run or throw the long ball.The Broncos as a whole had a great team game, but the outcome really came down to Tebow. His 125.6 QB rating was the highest in the Broncos' history. It was a phenomenal first playoff appearance. But was it a miraculous performance?The Internet thinks so.Tebow threw 316 yards against the Steelers, completing 10 of 21 passes. That's an average of 31.6 yards per completion. Tim Tebow's favorite Bible passage is John 3:16. (If you're not up-to-date on John 3:16, I think it goes something like this: "For God so loved the Broncos that He gave them the one and only Tebow and that whoever believes in him shall not perish at the hands of the Steelers and have eternal life, or at least until next week when they meet the Patriots.")Are Tebow's numbers just coincidence, or was there divine intervention?Seriously? Tebow's savior, Jesus Christ, has nothing better to do on Sunday afternoon than fix an NFL game so that Tebow's passing numbers match a Bible verse?Really? What about stopping the cholera epidemic in Haiti that's now killed over 7,000 people? Or what about not opening up a hole in the ground under the feet of a one-and-half-year-old toddler in Russia? Or, if Tebow's savior has a thing for numbers, maybe He could solve the European debt crisis. Those would all be great things to do on a Sunday -- that is, if you're not watching football.And even if Jesus Christ checked in see what was going on at Mile High Stadium on Sunday, should God be a bit peeved with Tebow? Isn't the seventh day the day of rest? Tebow worked like a mule out there and earned a pretty good chunk of change doing so (about $250,000). The Steelers gave it a go but were just too banged up. Ben Roethlisberger's ankle and the numerous injuries to defensive stalwarts were too much for Pittsburgh to overcome. Tebow played well, but it wasn't a miracle. The only noteworthy words spoken by a John were John Elway's words of advice to Tebow before the Wildcard game: "Pull the trigger." And he did. Tebow was great in the first half, and when it came down to Tebow time, the Denver QB did what he needed in order to pull off the win.Tebow had a great game, so give him credit. God might work in mysterious ways, but this is just too much. Continue Reading

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