Sometimes guys just need to watch a movie where dudes do stuff that test the ultimate limits of manliness. It makes us feel closer to our inner beast. The Grey, a movie that has Liam Neeson and a gang of roughnecks trying to survive Alaskan wildlife and wilderness, is just that type of flick. Somewhere over the past few years, Neeson reinvented himself as a believable action hero that even our fathers would like to emulate. With his newest foray into that genre, he is tackling frigid temperatures and wild wolves -- not to mention cold toes. EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Liam Neeson vs. wolves in The Grey Along with A-Team director Joe Carnahan, he has offered up a classic man vs. nature vs. man scenario that we all can’t wait to watch. But let’s be honest -- if it comes down to Neeson vs. nature, my money is on Neeson. Take a look at this exclusive clip for a taste of what’s to come. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]