Androidand iOS arethe undisputed titans in the smartphone field right now, fighting an ever-contentiousbattle for market share, profits and app developers’ attention. iPhone and Androidusers tend to be fiercely loyal -- just look at the comments section of any blog postdiscussing the positives or negatives. But there’s a third player in the smartphonewars, lurking in the shadows, and with the release of the Nokia Lumia 900, unveiledyesterday at CES, onecompany in particular is hoping for a three-way fight.That company isMicrosoft, whose Windows Phone 7 platform powers the Lumia 900. As The New YorkTimes pointed out on Sunday, WP7 represents a curious development for the tech giant-- its design is getting raves, but its sales are in the toilet, practically the exactopposite of its desktop Windows operating system.The 4G-friendly Lumia 900hopes to change that, with its sleek form factor and big 4.3-inch display, all the betterto show off WP7’s charming tile-based UI. No doubt Nokia and Microsoft will pushthis hard, but despite being one of the most attractive phones on the market, challengesstill remain: Will developers commit time and money to creating apps for a platform with atiny user base? Will buyers get over the boringness of the Windows Phone 7 name(seriously, the exact wrong branding for something sexy and new)? It all remains to beseen. Lumia 900 is Windows Phone 7’s newest, best hope -- and hopefully not itslast.More on AskMen:WhyApple Is Overtaking Windows At The OfficeWhat We'reLooking Forward To At CES Continue Reading ]More...[/url]