Alabama football head coach Nick Saban earned a $400,000 incentive on top of his annual$4.73 million salary for guiding the Crimson Tide to a BCS National Championship on Mondaynight. That’s quite the bonus, but for a collegefootball program that’s worth more than half a billion, it's chump change.Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-PurdueUniversity Columbus, analyzed 115 of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools tocalculate the worth of the football programs, and the numbers are jaw-dropping.The LSU Tigers, the team Alabama shutout 21-0 to win the title on Monday, are estimatedat $504.2 million.The Tide are worth a cool $522 million, but that doesn't even get theminto the top five. The Texas Longhorns lead the way by a long shotcoming in at $805 million. The Florida Gators are a distant second at $630.2 million,while the Michigan Wolverines ($618.6), Notre Dame Fighting Irish ($581.2), andGeorgia Bulldogs ($564.6) round out the top five.To determine the value, eachprogram's revenues and expenses were factored in along with cash-flow adjustments, riskassessments and growth projections.More onAskMen:Kreayshawn's DatingTipsTheEasiest Way to Start Looking Better Continue Reading ]More...[/url]