This article is sponsored in part by Contraband, intheaters January 13th (What's this?)According to the "Drug War Clock" kept at, afteronly two weeks into the new year the United States government has already spent over $1.2billion on the war on drugs. In fact, in the 10 seconds it takes you to read this entiresentence, the government will have spent a good $5,000 on that war.Whetherit's cocaine, computers, money, antiquities, oil, cigarettes or liquor, authoritiesworldwide -- mostly government employees with only the slimmest of incentives -- are inpitched combat with the ever-increasing ingenuity of smugglers, driven as they are by thetremendous profits available when a smuggled shipment reaches its destination. As the MarkWalberg flick Contraband hits theaters, we take a look at some of the mostingenious smuggling techniques ever uncovered by lawenforcement. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]