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All eyes in techdom were on Las Vegas lastweek, as the world's major electronics manufacturers (minus Apple, of course) converged onSin City for the 2012 International CES, all hoping to get attention for their latest gadgets and gizmos.While the show was dominated by TVs, tablets and ultrabooks (a fancy new word for "slim,Apple-like laptop"), there were also some truly surprising and weird products on offer.Some will never make it to market; others may, against all odds, become part of our lives.Here's five of the craziest gadgets unveiled at CES this year.1. The Human HDMI Cable

Ericsson demonstrated a truly crazy technology at CES this year, something it hasdeceptively given the mundane name "capacitive coupling." What it does is use the water inyour body to transfer data. At the onstage demo, the company's CEO transferred a photofrom a phone to a monitor just by touching them. In the future, you might not have tospend hundreds of dollars on expensive cables -- you might actually become them.2. i'm WATCH: The First "Smartwatch"

You've heard of smartphones, but smartwatches? This new product from Blue Sky Groupoffers voice calling, Facebook, music, apps, and more -- all onyour wrist. Stylishly constructed and available in a variety of colors, this could eitherbe the next must-have fashion accessory, or a barely-usable novelty item. Still, it lookspretty neat.3. The Nikiski See-Through Laptop

Intel showed off a prototype laptop they're calling the Nikiski, which features a long,transparent touchpad beneath the keyboard. The twist is, when you close the notebook, youcan see through the touchpad to the screen, which is meant to show stuff like weather andemail widgets you can interact with. How this is better than just pulling out your phone,we're not sure, but it sure looks different.4. The Transparent TV

See-through seemed to be a theme at this year's CES. We're not sure how exactly you'd useHaier's transparent OLED -- probablynot at home -- but it's definitely the first time we've seen a TV you can look rightthrough.5. Brain Wave TV

If you're tired of using your body to transfer photos, the Brain Wave TV, also fromChinese manufacturer Haier, is a remote control that allows you to change thechannel… with your mind. Reports on its usability seem mixed, but this coulddefinitely be the future, which is kind of scary, if you think about it. Continue Reading

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