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    Thread: The power of the handshake

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      Default The power of the handshake

      There is something significant and profound about the way another man shakes your hand. Be it your father, friend or potential client, there are ways of decoding someone through their handshake. What does a handshake say about you? Everything. Your handshake can imply a steely confidence or an unassertive insecurity.

      Knowing how to shake a hand properly is a forgotten art. Men have failed to teach others a genuine shake because they fail to realize its importance. Notice how great leaders shake with authority -- power and command amplified through their right hand. What kind of authority is in your handshake?

      What a weak shake means
      A weak handshake screams a frail inner core. The firmness of your grasp helps someone determine your inner circuitry -- your character, or lack thereof. During an interview, the employer will use many tactics to decide if you are fit for work, and the handshake is often a litmus test right at the beginning. Considering the investment employers make in someone, it is obvious that none would want “weak” in their future.

      The bone-crushing grip
      How should a handshake with too much power be judged? In truth, just as harshly as a delicate shake, if not more so. When someone shakes too hard or for too long, it suggests negative excess or overcompensation. It makes some wonder what the death grip is compensating for. At least with someone with a weak handshake, there can be no question about how they present themselves.

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      Default Re: The power of the handshake

      The handshake is all I need to know about most people but it doesnt mean I put all my stock in someone if they have a correct grip and shake. I tell you what I cant stand is the wet fish grip,when the guy just puts his hand out and does nothing which tells me Im a bother to him or if a girl gives you her hand like you are suppose to bow and kiss it.

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