Long before geek chic was a thing, there was one nebbish little man who proved that beautiful women could be had with a well-timed one-liner. Woody Allen consistently nabbed impossibly beautiful ladies onscreen, and he managed to do it with a package that would get him beat up for lunch money on the average school yard (yes, even as a grown man). A little humor, a lot of intelligence and a healthy sense of self-depreciation go a hell of a lot farther than biceps and haircuts in the dating world. Woody Allen’s big-screen love life is an inspiration and guidebook for all of us uggos with a heart.Sure, his real-life romantic escapades may not be the best example, but at least the man got it right in his art, nabbing the right girl against the odds and the cruel realities of biology. Today, Annie Hall and Manhattan -- two of Allen’s greatest tales of awkward romance in New York -- hit Blu-ray, and, to celebrate, we thought we’d pick out the top five dating tips from Woody Allen movies. If you don’t look like George Clooney, you’re going to have to work at the whole “dating” thing, and, fortunately, Woody makes it seem like a breeze. Note: These tips may not be quite as effective if you aren’t a comedic genius, but, hey, it’s a start. Continue Reading

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