AskMen caught up with Ethan, half of double dating comic duo Dave and Ethan, to getsome tips on blind double dating. Here's Ethan's story:DatingTips From Dave and EthanWhile working for acable TV network four years ago, I somehow landed two free tickets to a stand-up show atNew York’s Gotham Comedy, and decided to invite my childhood friend and fellowcomedian, Dave. At the event, we were rushed to the head of the line and seated in thefront row with complimentary cocktails as VIPs. I could sense theaudience puzzling over the identity of the young gay powercouple that had just entered the room.Later, over a few more drinks (or six) at his place, Dave revealed what had been stumping himall night: “Dude, thanks for the show -- but why would you invite me when you couldhave impressed the hell out of a chick?”He was right,but it was too late to take his ticket back. We did conclude, at least, that we shouldboth be better employing our assets to impress girls. In fact, we reasoned, as two funnyformer improv troupe teammates, we could probably kill it if we joined forces. So in March of 2008, the lifelong friends posted ads onCraigslist and YouTube, inviting pairs of girls to double date them. As the responses poured in, they began charting their experiences in a series of video blogs, whichquickly became a YouTubecomedy series about double dating.Here are Ethan's tips for preparingyourself for what's to come when embarking on a blind double date -- from his own personalexperience. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]