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It’s an inviting ad: A smiling, lingerie-clad woman reclines suggestively on a bed.But it gets quirkier: There’s a Facebook check-in sign covering her, ahem, southernregion. The ad reads: “Matti Virtanen and 19 others were here.”Thead was published by the Finnish AIDS Council in an attempt to promotethe use of condoms. Clever. Most definitely, but at what cost?Since itsrelease, it's been circulating through social media sites like a hot potato. Some womenare screaming shame; others are saying relax and (metaphorically) "own it." Before anyone goes any further screaming bloody murder, relax: Matti’s mate isguilty, too. In a counterpart ad, a good-looking man sits back with -- you guessed it -- aFacebook check-in sign over the family jewels. Sanna and 34 others have checked-in.(Enter: quick calculation of who’s winning). In many ways, the adsucceeds by stimulating discussion. For that, we give major props to the Finnish AIDSCouncil for scandalizing the topic of safer sex because -- let’s be honest --it’s never been about the number of girls you’ve scored (right?), only howyou’ve treated them. So, gents, treat ‘em right: Regardless of how many Sannasyou’ve checked-into, the good man knows to keep it safe. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]