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Facebookhas been playfully tabbed as "Crackbook" because of how irresistible the social networkingsite can be -- but a new study suggests the nickname may actually be scientificallyaccurate. Alcohol and smoking have long been known as two of the most addictiveactivities, but Facebook has now surpassed them. Researchers from theUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business monitored people’s everyday desiresthrough more than 8,000 reports, and the No. 1 desire was to keep up with social networks. Booze andcigarettes weren’t even a close second and third. The good news is thatupdating your status and commenting on things that are happening in your newsfeedisn’t nearly as harmful to your health. On the other hand, recentinformation shows that Americans log an average of seven hours of Facebook per month,so while it’s not particularly destructive to our well-being, it definitely changesthe way we all spend our time. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]