UFC and WWE may be worlds apart when it comes to what goes down in their respective rings,but you’d be wrong to think these pugilistic popular entertainments don’t haveanything in common. After all, both are wildly successful at bringing in the pay-per-viewdollars, and both have introduced us to some seriously attractive women over the years.Whether they get in the ring or stay outside it, the women of the UFC and WWE arecertified knockouts, as well as obvious candidates for the Top 99. Here’s a closerlook at the women who've made their mark ringside and also earned a spot on our Top 99 Most Desirable Women2012 .Brittney Palmer

UFC is more popular than ever these days, andit’s safe to say that women like BrittneyPalmer have something to do with that. But when Dana White’s company boughtWorld Extreme Cagefighting in 2006, eventually absorbing the organization and itsrespective talent, he had no idea that then-WEC ring girl Palmer would wind up being thebiggest asset it acquired in the deal. As one of the company’s mostpopular Octagon girls, this now-UFC favorite is a pro at commanding eyeballs, and fans ofthe striking brunette were downright inconsolable when she disappeared from her ringsidepost back in July 2011. Determined to prove she was more than just another pretty face,the ambitious Palmer decided to take some time off from the challenging business ofwalking in a circle while holding a number over her head to attend art school, develop herpainting skills and pursue her artistic dreams. But her sabbatical didn’t last long.Fans clamored for the brunette bombshell’s return, and the call was so loud, neitherWhite nor Palmer could ignore it for long. Thanks to the outpouring, Palmer was back as acard-carrying ring girl for UFC 140 in December. Still, the Octagongirl’s brief time off proved a few things: That the striking brunette is moreversatile than you’d think, and that she’s just as big a draw for UFC fans asmany of the fighters themselves. And as the curvy former Vegas burlesque dancer continuesto add to her eclectic portfolio as a 2012 calendar girl (and Playboy cover girlas of March), her fanbase is growing right along with it. We can’t wait to see wherePalmer’s serious ambitious streak takes her next. Arianny Celeste

Yes, with its broken bones and bloodied faces, MMAcan be an ugly sport at times, but ring girls like AriannyCeleste help put a pretty face on it. And considering the rearranging that can go onduring a fight, Celeste may just have the most recognizable face in the UFC. The foxymodel can be found strutting her stuff outside the Octagon alongside fellow ring girl (andTop 99 member) Brittney Palmer,and has been employed by the biggest name in MMA since 2006. Since then, Celeste’sbecome a ringside fixture and a serious fan favorite -- so much so that one of herdiehards asked her to his prom in 2009. And credit Celeste for being a good sport: Shetook the lucky 17-year-old up on his plea. It took a while to coordinate, but theDenver-area high school senior’s YouTube campaign proved successful when the twostaged their own dance for charity, with proceeds going to support relief efforts afterthe hurricane in Haiti.More on Arianny Celeste -- plus Stacy Keibler-- next... Continue Reading

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