A shaken-and-stirred 007 was spotted hitting the streets of London this week. Photos snapped on the set ofthe latest Bond film, Skyfall, reveal DanielCraig -- looking even more intense than usual -- in full-on action mode, as he wasfilmed tearing through the city streets wielding a gun. Pictured here: Daniel Craig onset. To create the pulse-racing scene -- most likely theaftermath of an audacious assault on MI6’s home turf -- traffic was brought to astandstill to let Craig through. Craig looked like the spitting image of an iconicBond, clean-shaven and tricked-out in a classic suit, and sprinkled with debris dust,which contrasts with the grizzled-lookingfirst official image released last week. It certainly looks as thoughdirector SamMendes, best-known for more reflective work, such as American Beauty andRevolutionary Road, is sticking to his plan to make sure that Skyfallwill contain all the action, babes and gadgets that fans expect from a 007flick. “I think it has all the elements of a classic Bondmovie,” Mendes explained at the film’s launch, “including -- to quellany rumors -- a lot of action.”Skyfall will see Bond pushed tothe limit both physically and mentally as MI6 comes under attack from a mysterious enemy,while his personal loyalty to M (a returning Dame JudiDench) is tested, as revelations about her past are exposed. JavierBardem will get his mean on as the bad guy, while Brit newcomer Ben Whishaw (as therebooted Q) and NaomieHarris will be on Team Bond. Major thesps Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney are inundisclosed roles, while the inevitable stunning Bond girl -- the enigmaticSévérine -- is French model BéréniceMarlohe. Skyfall opens in North America in November. Continue Reading

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