According to modern legend, the iPad 3 is set tolaunch in San Francisco the first week of March. We usually don’t report on rumors,but the info going around is sound enough that we think it’s for real. Still, thatlaunch date doesn’t give Applemuch time to build up awareness for the iPad 3 -- pronounced “eye pad three”-- which is the company's third attempt at making a tablet computer that can get some sortof traction in the market. Good luck with that.People privy to the good kindof leaks are saying the new iPad will sport an improved GPU to deal with the new 2,048 x1,536 resolution retina display. It’s going to need that graphics power to driveincreasingly demanding 3D games at a pixel count of 3,145,728 pixels -- exactly four timesthat of the 1,024 x 768 screen of the iPad 1 and 2.Reports are that the CPU inthe next-gen iPad is not quad-core, but a much faster dual-core CPU. Where competitorslove playing the specs game, Apple has been reluctant to chase bullet-point features likemegapixels, preferring better-quality lower-resolution cameras. Similarly, the iPhone 4Swas criticized for its lack of 4G, but recent reports of the brutal effects of 4G LTE onbattery life have shown that Apple’s choices are smartly balanced. Applications don’t magically use all cores once you add them, so having four coresis more advantageous to multitasking, something Apple’siOS has done well since it was added many moons ago. But we expect everyone who has noidea about multithreaded computing to go loopy with disappointment if that’s whatthe iPad 3 ships with. Consumers, on the other hand, will probably buy a few. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]