It’s often said that great men lead by example. But don’t bad role models do,too? When it comes to cautionary tales, the critically acclaimed Rampart givesguys a feature-length example of what not to do, as it charts the downward spiral ofveteran police officer Dave Brown (WoodyHarrelson) as he struggles to keep his life together in the wake of a police brutalityscandal.From a script co-written by legendary crime novelist James Ellroy,Rampart reunites Harrelson and writer-director Oren Moverman after the pairearned Oscar nominations in 2010 for The Messenger. Here they tackle a renegadecop on patrol in 1999 Los Angeles, using the fallout from the real-life Rampartscandal as a backdrop. After Brown gets caught on tape savagely beating a suspect, hefeels he’s being made a scapegoat for the tension between the public and thedepartment, but it’s his inability to change his ways that ultimately dooms him.But just because Harrelson’s character isn’t able to learn from hismistakes, that doesn’t mean you can’t. And with Rampart now intheaters, we’re running down the five life lessons guys can take away from thegritty cop drama. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]