Like it or not, Valentine's Day is almosthere. And, yes, you do have to acknowledge it. There's the cheesy route and there's thesincere, memorable one, and we hope you all choose the latter. But we knowit's hard, so we asked you guys to send us the best Valentine's Day gifts you evergave. Here were the three most original responses.Sometimes the Unromantic is The Most romantic

Eric: I ordered a pair of original slush mugs. It's not the mostromantic idea, but it's fun, and my girlfriend drinks juice all of the time. Customize It

Angad: I'm gifting my girl a perfume made especially for her, withthe kind of notes she prefers, and it'll be named after her. I think it would make for aperfect Valentine's gift.DIY Always Impresses Her

Matt E: My girlfriend loves Nutella, but her parentsstress that she only eat organic dark chocolate. So I found a recipe to make darkchocolate Nutella and whipped up a whole batch of organic dark Nutella. It tastes betterthan the original. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]