As winter continues its icy grip on our roads and our social lives, we're taking a look atsome of the snow riders that’ll leave you praying for more -- more snow andmore money, that is. Rear-wheel-driven supercars and hothatches are all well and good, but when the snow hits the fan they’re about asuseful as flip-flops on a black run. Enter these all-weather, all-wheel drive vehiclesthat’ll satisfy your attention-seeking needs in the white hell, without the numbinginevitability of a hapless accident and the ensuing public humiliation caused by thelittle runt who caught it on camera and posted it on YouTube.Editor'snote: This was originally published on our UK site, and thus includes British pricing, butsince winter's in full force on our shores, we thought it was worth a second run. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]