SYNTHEROL (Site Enhancement Oil)


Site Enhancement oils are a very broad category of drugs, and is one which will take some care and consideration to properly delve into. The first, and most common misconception is that Chris Clark produced the first site enhancement drug. This is not true, if we are painting “site enhancement drug” with the broad and exoteric strokes.

The first drug used by bodybuilders to produce a local increase in muscle size was “Esicline,” (See Profile:: ESICLINE) which was technically an anabolic steroid, but actually imparted no anabolic effect. Bodybuilders used it prior to a contest for the localized swelling it caused in the muscle it was injected into. This was, of course only a temporary effect, only useful for a quick cosmetic boost for bodybuilding contests.

The next drug bodybuilders experimented with was Caverject. This drug was developed for impotence, and basically swells and hardens the area it’s injected into. It required injecting (with a very fine gauge needle) into both sides of your penis. Inject only one side and you have a boomerang shaped tool.

Anyway, it didn’t take bodybuilders very long to figure out that they could inject this into virtually any muscle to increase the size and hardness (temporarily) of it. This, unlike Esicline could simply be used backstage at a bodybuilding contest, and wouldn’t require a week of injections to produce it’s effects.

Finally, Chris Clark developed the now famous Synthol, under the trade name PumpnPose. This product, being the only one which produces permanent gains. Currently, there are several popular versions of this type of product, Synthol/PumpnPose, Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil and Liquid Muscle.

After Synthol, Syntherol by Sythetek was developed. Syntherol is currently the leading product on the market, and seems, anecdotally, to be the one endorsed by more professional bodybuilders, especially those posessing a more aethetic physique. Syntherol contains:

  • Caprillic Acid
  • Capric Acid
  • Caproic Acid
  • Lauric Acid
  • Silica
  • Benzyl Alcohol