Synthergine - Liver Protectant
Ingredients: arginine hydrochloride, sodium
glucuronate, di-isopropylamine dichloroacetate, lysine
hydrochloride, methionine hydrochloride. 100ml bottle

Synthergine is guarenteed to be the most potent liverconditioner/detoxifier available in the world, and it is especially useful for conditions where the liver gets stressed due to the toxicity of bodybuilding chemicals.
My last cycle was inclusive of dianabol and anadrol at the same time, and I only used Synthergine as my liver protector. Theusual blood test results while on hoth anadrol and dianabol were perfect. I always have perfect liver values, but have always used milk thistle, l-methionine, liv-52, etc. And I
don't do anything else to stress my liver. Anyway, for my last cycle and current cycle I dropped all other liver
aids and only used Synthergine. Blood test results are consistently perfect.