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    Thread: Megagrisevit-mono (clostebol Acetate)

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      Default Megagrisevit-mono (clostebol Acetate)


      Reported Characteristics

      * Pharmaceutical Name: Clostebol Acetate
      * Chemical Name:4-chloro- testosterone
      * Bulking/Cutting: cutting
      * Anabolic Rating:46
      * Active Life: 36-48 hours
      * Drug Class: Anabolic/ Androgenic steroid (For injection)
      * Average Reported Dosage: Men-20-mg daily; Women-20-mg every other day
      * Acne: Yes, Rare
      * Water Retention: None
      * High Blood Pressure: None
      * Liver Toxic: No
      * Aromatization: None
      * Noted Comments: Anabolic/Very low Androgenic
      * DHT conversion: Low
      * Decreases HPTA function: Low with listed dosages
      * Average Price: N/A

      This drug isn't usually seen on the black market anymore except for when some enterprising Underground Labs brew some up for their customers. It's not an entirely impressive drug, even though it's reasonably anabolic and only slightly androgenic. Many other more easily obtained drugs are just as good, so it's no wonder this drug isn't very popular. It is not very liver toxic nor does it cause many adverse effects at all. The reason for it's disappearence is probably a combination of cost and practicality.



      Steranabol is no longer made and cannot be found under this name anywhere. If you do find it under that name, consider it a fake. Steranabol is confusing as well, because Farmitalia still makes steranabol Depot and steranabol Ritardo, but both of those are forms of the nandrolone derivative oxabolone cypionate (see profile on Steranabol). The active ingredient, clostebol acetate is still found in the German product Megagrisevit Mono however, but since that's a little long to pronounce, its either referred to as steranabol or by its pharmaceutical name, clostebol.

      Structurally, clostebol is simply testosterone with an added chloro group at the 4-position. In itself quite ingenious. I mean you see all sorts of structural alterations to prevent a steroid from interacting with enzymes, but none as simple as this. By putting a structural alterations right on top of the 4-position, it cannot be 5-alpha reduced to dihydrotestosterone, thereby limiting a more androgenic form in androgen specific tissue like scalp, prostate and skin. And so of course, avoiding all problems associated with DHT formation like extreme cases of acne and serious hair loss. But it also prevent aromatization, so no estrogen is formed. That limits fat gain, bloat and the risk of breast growth in men (gyno). Needless to say of course that eliminating the stronger androgenic and all of the estrogenic components, this steroid is nowhere near as potent as its parent, testosterone. But you have to admit the beauty of it. Why use testosterone if you are only going to stack it with fortunes worth of arimidex and finasteride to block estrogen and DHT, if you can just take clostebol and be done with it? I mean if you are going to screw around and mess up the strongest anabolic, do us all a favour and just use this stuff. If you really can't take the side-effects and still want to use a steroid. Although I must say I loathe such people. Either you take it like man and accept the risk, go for the gains and get from it what you can, or you can't tolerate the risk, and then you should just stay away from all steroids. Period. I hate those "I want it all and don't want to pay for it" type of people.

      This steroid is understandably weak and with little to offer to a serious user of anabolic steroids. Although it does offer us a form of testosterone that is perfectly fine to use under all circumstances when cutting. Its not a very userfriendly drug however. Megagrisevit Mono injections come in 10 ml per 1.5 ml injection That means 7.5 ml need to be injected on a daily basis. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like to play for pincushion. Women may find a use in this steroid as its androgenically so much less aggressive than testosterone, and a single 1.5 ml injection daily can give them appreciable results. Which is not so for males.

      While I can show little appreciation for this steroid from a performance enhancing point of view, which for me is the main point of interest, in treatment, medically speaking, it's a god-send. It was commonly used in women and geriatrics with great success and a low rate of side-effects, and could possibly aid children with growth deficiency. For AIDS patients too, clostebol may be a more natural and effective way of treatment than oxandrolone (Anavar) without having to suffer the consequences of oxymetholone or testosterone use. So as a scientist to be, I can certainly see the brilliance of such a simple alterations and the effect it has. I believe clostebol, if attached to a longer ester and in larger injections, like 250 mg/ml clostebol enanthate or something, it has a lot of promise in hormonal replacement therapy and the treating and prevention of wasting diseases.

      There is an oral form of clostebol acetate, under the same name of Megagrisevit Mono, but it has no alterations that suggest increased oral availability. As such, oral doses would have to be 10-15 times higher to elicit a similar effect as the injections, and so not very cost-effective.

      Stacking and Use:

      Clostebol acetate stacked with a decent base compound for cutting would be a good enough product for all but pro bodybuilders. 50-75 mg/day to every other day stacked with 300-400 mg a week of Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) or Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) for 8-10 weeks, would make a great stack for maintaining lean mass and promoting muscle hardness in cutting bodybuilders. Non-aromatizing orals like Winstrol, Anavar and Mesterolone make a good match for it as well.

      Since it no longer aromatizes, the use for anti-estrogens is futile, and because it doesn't interact with the 5AR enzyme that well anymore, adding finasteride is out of the question as well. After long treatment HCG and Nolvadex or Clomid post-cycle is advised to counter the suppressive nature of any steroid stack of course. But all in all, clostebol can be considered a very safe steroid.

      Clostebol is a synthetic androgenic steroid with anabolic effects that is frequently used in sports to increase physical performance. Because of medical and ethical reasons, the use of clostebol is prohibited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) (1), and its misuse would fall under the strict liability rule of the IOC and the World Antidoping Agency. It is therefore the responsibility of athletes to submit evidence contrary to any ruling issued against them by the appropriate sports body. Despite the prohibition against the use of clostebol, abuse of this steroid is increasing, mainly in Brazilian athletes. In Brazil, clostebol acetate is present in medicines for dermatologic and gynecologic treatments, whereas in the US, the Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the use of medicines that contain anabolic agents.

      Our laboratory, LABDOP, is accredited by the IOC and in the past 3 years has encountered four urine samples that contained clostebol metabolites. One male athlete whose urine tested positive for traces of clostebol metabolites claimed that he was contaminated as a result of sexual intercourse with a woman taking a medication containing clostebol. The IOC did not exonerate him from the results reported by LABDOP. The remaining athletes maintained that the presence of clostebol metabolites in their urine was the result of using clostebol-containing medications. Despite this controversy, the directive from the IOC has been followed, and positive results are always enforced. A previous publication by Debruyckere et al. (2) showed the presence of clostebol metabolites in human urine after oral intake of contaminated meat, but did not mention sexual intercourse.

      LABDOP undertook the present study to determine whether the urine of men exposed to intravaginal clostebol acetate during sexual intercourse contains clostebol metabolites. A gas chromatographic–mass spectrometric method (3)(4) was used to test for the presence of two metabolites of clostebol, clostebol-M1 (4-chloroandrost-4-en-3{alpha}-ol-17-one) and clostebol-M2 (4-chloroandrostan-3{alpha}-ol-17-one), and other steroids in urine samples. The procedure involves preextraction with XAD-2 resin, elution with tert-butyl methyl ether, hydrolysis with ß-glucuronidase from Escherichia coli, extraction with n-pentane, and derivatization at 60 °C for 60 min with a solution containing 1 mL of N-methyl-N-(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide, 2 µg of NH4I, and 6 µL of 2-mercaptoethanol (3)(4). The analytes were monitored in selected-ion monitoring mode.

      In Brazil, clostebol acetate is available for intravaginal administration. One such preparation (TrofoderminTM; Searle) contains 200 mg of clostebol acetate and 200 mg of neomycin sulfate per 40-g blister. The package insert states that Trofodermin is indicated for cervicitis, postoperative vaginitis, and ulcerative vaginitis, and the recommended dose is 5 g once or twice a day. Two healthy couples (group I) and two healthy men (group II) were involved in the study. A baseline urine was obtained from all volunteers before exposure to clostebol acetate. Participants were healthy and without a history of drug use or gynecologic disease. The study was approved by the University ethics committee (protocol 168/02). Immediately after intravaginal application of 5 g of clostebol acetate, group I had sexual intercourse lasting ~20 min (experiment I). In experiment II, the men in group II applied 200 mg of clostebol acetate topically to their penis for 20 min. Urine samples were collected from all participant volunteers for the following 2 days.

      The urine of the men in experiment I contained trace amounts of clostebol-M1 (0.9–3.5 µg/L) with a tmax of 16 h. The concentration of clostebol-M1 in the urine of the females reached a maximum of 35 µg/L after 23 h. Small amounts of clostebol-M2 were also detected. The urine of the men in experiment II contained higher amounts of clostebol-M1, with a peak concentration of 22 µg/L after 3.5 h, and was detectable for 15 h. The baseline urines contained no clostebol, clostebol-M1, or clostebol-M2. The possibility of incidental contamination from sexual intercourse was confirmed, despite the fact that the amount of clostebol-M1 (long-term metabolite) was near the limit of detection (µg/L). Because the IOC does not make a distinction among circumstances or means of administration of anabolic compounds, athletes should be warned not to use clostebol-containing medications and to be aware of their partner’s medical treatments.


      1. . International Olympic Committee. The OMAC 2001. Olympic movement anti-doping code, appendix A4 2001 IOC Lausanne, Switzerland. .
      2. Debruyckere G, Sagher R, Van Peteghem C. Closbetol positive urine after consumption of contaminated meat. Clin Chem 1992;38:1869-1873.[Abstract/Free Full Text]
      3. Geyer H, Mareck-Engelke U, Schanzer W, Donike M. Simple purification of urine samples for improved detection of anabolic and endogenous steroids. Proceedings of the Recent Advances in Doping Analysis 11th Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis 1994:97-103 Sport und Buch Strauss Köln, Germany. .
      4. Huenerbein A, Marques MAS, Pereira AS, Aquino Neto FR. Improvement in steroid screening for doping control with special emphasis on stanozolol. J Chromatogr A 2003;985:375-386
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