Reported Characteristics

  • Active-Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Drug Class: Injectable Insulin
Insulin is a storage hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin shuttles nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats and amino acids (derived from proteins) into cells. The main function of insulin is to maintain homeostasis of circulatory glucose, and intracellular glycogen storage. It also aids in fat storage.
Many top bodybuilders utilized insulin to increases intracellular amino acid and supplement storage. This means nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, and supplements such as creatine and glutamine were forced into cells at a much higher rate and volume. Since insulin is not site-specific, and both fat and muscle cells have insulin receptor-sites, nutrient storage is in both areas as well as in organs. The actual partitioning of nutrients is highly dependent upon receptor sensitivity. For this reason individuals who have developed insulin resistance (receptor insensitivity) gained significant fat tissue during insulin administration. Insulin is highly anabolic and anti-catabolic.
*Before I continue, it is paramount that the reader realizes just how dangerous exogenous insulin use is. Where as years of abuse of the most toxic steroid may destroy your liver, a single mistake when using insulin can cause coma, brain damage, or death. THIS IS A FACT! Use of exogenous insulin should only be considered under a qualified medical supervision.
Since insulin acts synergistically with other anabolic/androgenic chemicals, there are several methods, stacks, and protocols that were reported as effectively utilized by athletes. There are also basic safety (Insulin is safe? NO!) protocols wiser bodybuilders were said to have followed:
1. A maximum single dosage of 1-i.u. per 15 LBS of body weight was used and not more than twice daily. (200 LB bodybuilder used 13 i.u. 200 /15 = 13.3)
2. A cycle length of 15-28 days was a maximum use period with a 4-8 week off period. Longer periods lost effectiveness
3. A minimum of 10g of carbohydrates was ingested for each I.U. of insulin injected. (This was cutting it dangerously close) Some say this was too many calories. I disagree!
4. The two most effective times insulin was utilized was during the two highest insulin sensitivity periods (Which are also high cortisol level periods):
  1. First thing in the morning (Upon waking)
  2. Immediately after an intense workout.
5. Insulin activity is increased by anabolic/androgenic steroids. This means dosages were often reported as lower (less exogenous insulin) when stacking with AAS and other anabolic substances.
*Improper use of insulin can cause diabetes or hyperglycemia.
6. Never utilize insulin protocols where the half- life of the exogenous insulin over lap. This means that since HUMULIN-R has a 4 hour half- life, a minimum of 4 hours passed between injections.
7. Never use insulin without a qualified medical doctor's guidance and monitoring. Buy and learn how to use blood glucose test kits.
Negative side effects of insulin are: sudden sweating, heart racing, light headiness, mental confusion, weakness, hunger, blurry vision, impaired speech. If left untreated, coma, brains damage, and death can result. The earlier side effects are a warning that not enough carbohydrates were ingested or not often enough.