This was truly reported as chemical exercise. Normally the mitochondria process that converts ADP (adenosine diphosphate) into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is about 60% efficient, which means there is a great deal of energy wasted. Those who have read the creatine section ahead of this are well aware of our good friend ATP. When we exercise, this process accelerates and raises our metabolic rate. (More calories are burned as a result) The process is called oxidative phosphorylation. Since ATP is the high-energy chemical our bodies utilize for intense training, anything that compromises this process will make cellular mitochondria work harder and expend more energy as heat. (Body temperature rises)
DNP is an oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler. It makes the process only about 40% efficient by uncoupling a high energy phosphate molecule from ATP and therefore turning ATP into ADP. To maintain an adequate supply of ATP, the body must step-up production. For this reason metabolism is significantly increased and an incredible amount of calories are burned. During this accelerated metabolic state, and due to the need for ATP production, most of the calories come from fatty acids (adipose/fat tissue). So little or no muscle is lost (With adequate protein intake).
Users experienced elevated body temperatures and perspiration even while sitting around. Simply stated, metabolic rates elevate 100-200% in only a few hours. Sounds great, but DNP can be deadly. Since increased energy is dissipated as body heat, too high of a dosage of DNP for to long of a period can actually COOK ORGANS!!!. No joke, I mean medium well done.
The issue of body temperature is of interest here and is a relevant point to discuss further. Clenbuterol and ephedrine are fairly easy to chart for effective results by checking body temperature. However, DNP is much different in this sense. When an athlete (Or anyone) used DNP, increased respiration, heart rate, and skin dilation occurred. Thus heat is quickly dissipated. This means that a person using DNP could feel warm but a thermometer can fail to show an increase in body temperature. According to available literature, in most cases a body temperature of near 100 degrees indicate a metabolic rate of about twice normal. It also means that the individual is in the very near the danger zone. This is wholly unnecessary, and it is the low cellular ATP level induced by high dosage DNP use that was most dangerous. The temperature or heat issue is secondary by comparison. Most reported users of DNP ingested a daily dosage of 6-8mg per kilogram of body weight. Realistically speaking, I can say from personal experience that this is not only an uncomfortable experience, but dangerous and unnecessary as well. My experience has been that 3-5mg/kg daily provided better results and did so even without a calorie decrease. Personally I feel a body temperature of 99.5-99.7 degreases was preferable also.
Before going on, I would like to say a few related points. Now we know that the mitochondrial process of converting ADP into ATP is called oxidative phosphorylation and that the process is normally 60% efficient. We know DNP is an oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler that will reduce the process efficiency to 40% and that this burns fat while raising metabolic rates 100-200% while increasing body temperature. (We also know misuse can cook our guts!). There are several products on the market, such as Usnic ACID using these terms and comparing their products to DNP.
Well, bull shit! Usnic acid even in pure form taken orally failed to raise metabolic rates significantly at the reported average dosage. Okay, second: DNP cannot be sold for supplemental use by law because idiots will think more is better and the media will again have a field day. (Funny how we see so many media interviewers in bars).
How did polled athletes utilize DNP? Well, pretty simple actually. 4-mg per kg of body weight divided into 4 equal dosages, take 4 hours apart was a common practice. So using a 220 LB bodybuilder, 220 lb = 2.2 = 100-kg. 100-kg x 4-mg = 400mg daily total, at 100mg taken every 4 hours. Using an oral thermometer, (rectal if preferred) the athletes temperature was taken upon waking before the first 100 mg DNP dosage and record. At one hour and again at hour 4 before the second dose the temperature was taken again and recorded. Any temperature above 100' was considered over kill on dosage, and therefore dosage was reduced or periods between dosages were increased due to half-life over lapping from previous dosages. Simple?
I did use DNP and followed a few obvious rules for personal use: *I was always absolutely sure of the DNP quality and dosage I purchased. A mistake could have made me a cannibal's lunch.
*I never took DNP within 3 hours of bed time. If I made a mistake and I was awake, a cool bath tub of water could have saved my life. *I drank atleast 1 gallon of pure water daily to aid in proper body cooling and to aid in removal of metabolic wastes.
*7mg per kg was the absolute maximum dosage of DNP and only for 5 days at this dosage. 7mg per kg was too high of a daily dosage and usually resulted in lean muscle mass loss, which sucked. 3-5mg/kg was wiser.
*I ate 2g of complete protein per pound at body weight daily, divided into 6-8 meals with at least 1g of carbs per pound of body weight daily. *Never used DNP for more than 21 days consecutive. I lost about 11-18LBS of fat this way.
Note of interest: DNP also appeared to clean out androgenic receptor-sites and may have caused receptor-site up regulation!
Another factor of danger to consider is that after 48 hours of DNP use the liver experiences severe ATP depletion resulting in, among other things, almost all circulating T-4 thyroid hormone to be come unbound and excreted out of the body at a much higher rate. TSH, TRH, and thyroid gland secretion remain normal or above. But the body receives very little T-4 or T-3. This is why most DNP only users reported a decline in body temperature after two days of continuous use.
*It should be noted that DNP use causes an increase in free radical production. Those who used DNP supplemented their diet with additional anti-oxidants such as vitamins C & E, glutamine, and glutathione.