So I'm over on Amazon grabbing all the little toys I need for my newly acquired Droid X (wicked cool phone BTW!). Cases, skins, and it's good excuse for buying a new Bluetooth (opting for the Jawbone Icon Ace this time), and suddenly I find myself comparison shopping for those drop-in stereo speaker deals (ya know, a mini-"boom-box" for all your mp3 favorites).

I'm not averse to the idea, and kudos to amazon for the up sell. I've got a million things I can use it for, and I like the idea. BUT.... They've already got me on the hook for a few hundred anyway, so I'll be damned if I'm dropping $999 for some kick-ass Bose system. $500 or less would be KILLER. Hell, if it's good I'll come back for a couple more (one for the office, and a couple for the shop)

Any suggestions out there? I like my music loud and pretty bass heavy (not rap bass, but metal "thump-bass").

I'm open to any experiences or opinions 'yall have. It's not time sensitive, just wanted to get it all done today sometime if possible.

Thanks in advance brotha's (and MODS, if I put this in the wrong place, just smack me upside the head and move it :-) Thanks a million friends!