Reported Characteristics

  • Active-Life: 12-24 hours oral
  • Drug Class: Anti-estrogen/Aromatase enzyme inhibitor
  • Average Reported Dosage: Oral: 200-300mg daily; Injectable 100mg/1ml daily
  • Acne: Rare
  • Water Retention: None
  • High Blood Pressure: Rare
  • Liver Toxic: Not listed but unlikely
  • DHT Conversion: None
  • Decreases HPTA Function: No. (Actually increased HPTA activity)
  • Aromatization: None
Teslac is used as an anti-estrogen. Instead of acting as an estrogen antagonist (competing for estrogen receptor-sites), Teslac prevents the aromatization of androgens into estrogens by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. Obviously this prevents or minimizes the negative effects of estrogen such as gyno, water retention, and female pattern fat deposits. Teslac is unique in that it is reputed to cause permanent irreversible suppression of estrogen production in males.
Technically speaking, Teslac is an oral androgenic steroid related to testosterone. However, it has only very low androgenic and no anabolic effect. Medical use of Teslac is for treatment of breast carcinoma in women. For male athletes, it is probably the best anti-estrogen available, and it causes an increase in natural (endogenous) testosterone production. Teslac elevates natural testosterone production by influencing the HYPOTHALAMUS to stimulate the PITUITARY to release more gonadotropin. This in turn simulates the testes Leydig cells to produce more testosterone at a significantly increased level (Comparable to HCG). Unlike HCG, Teslac takes several days to cause this effect. So administration over a prolonged period (several days) clinically considered necessary (under a doctors care). For this reason Teslac does "create" an improved anabolic/androgenic environment. Even so-called natural (like lifting tons of weight and drinking protein powders is natural) bodybuilders have employed benefits form this drug.
*Plasma calcium elevation has been during administration of Teslac.
Manufacturer inserts suggest a dosage of 250-1000mg daily. However, this is not reported as necessary for estrogen suppression. Normally 200-300mg daily divided into 2-3 doses was reported as quite effective. Some reported 100-mg of the injection form version was even more effective. Due to the high price of Teslac, many have stacked it with PROVIRON: Teslac-100-mg daily and Proviron 50-mg daily. Women users reported excellent hardening effects with few, if any, side effects such as virilization.
Side effects are very rare but could include nausea, vomiting, tongue infection, swelling and pain in arms and legs, prickling sensation and high blood pressure, as well as loss of appetite. As mentioned earlier, side effects were rare but women often skipped menstruation during use.
This is probably rated as the most effective overall anti-estrogen available whether during or post cycle as well as for pre-contest overall hardening effects.