Reported Characteristics

  • Active Life: 8-12 hours
  • Drug Class: Synthetic estrogen/gonadotropin stimulator/anti-estrogen (Oral)
  • Average Reported Dosage: Men-400-600mg daily
  • Acne: Rare/light
  • Water Retention: Rare
  • High Blood Pressure: Rare
  • Strong gonadotropin stimulator/anti-estrogen
  • Aromatization: None
  • Liver Toxic: None noted
Cyclofenil administration is quite similar to using HCG and CLOMID together. It is an anti-estrogen and a gonadotropin/testosterone stimulator. It does so by occupying estrogen receptors (antagonist) with a much weaker estrogenic compound and by shutting down the negative feed-back within the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes-axis (HPTA). The male body actually can produce much more testosterone than it does. Simply said, it sees no reason to do so. When the hypothalamus senses adequate testosterone/estrogen levels, either naturally (endogenous) or unnaturally (exogenous) provided, it shuts off gonadotropin release from the pituitary/hypothalamus. Thus, leydig cells in the testes do not receive the signal to produce more testosterone. Cyclofenil interferes with this negative feed-back/shut down production signal. This means that the hypothalamus - pituitary-testes-axis runs wide open to some extent, and more testosterone is produced. After about 5-6 weeks the hypothalamus figures this out and really shuts down the goodies production.
Though some strength and mass resulted with Cyclofenil use, it was not noted as a great growth drug. Some "natural" (okay) bodybuilders have used it with some results as have older individuals. However, the chemically assisted lads have used it to kick start natural testosterone production and even as a "during cycle anti-estrogen" very successfully. Normally 200 mg was taken 2-3 times daily for 4-6 weeks, either starting the last 3 weeks prior to the end of an AAS cycle or directly following a cycle. The prior method being reported as more effective since about a week is necessary for Cyclofenil to become effective and provide results. Side effects commonly reported have been; light acne, elevated sex-drive (that is a side effect?), and hot flashes.