March 15, 2011 -- Nestle has recalled a single lot of its Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites Spaghetti with Meatballs.

The action follows reports from consumers who found pieces of red plastic in the meatballs.

The recalled frozen food product carries the UPC code 13800-10390, with the production code 0298595519 P on the gray proof-of-purchase label on the right-end flap of the package below the ingredient statement.

The product was produced in late October 2010, and Nestle says it believes very little of the product remains in circulation. However, consumers are urged to check their freezers for the recalled product.

The product was sold in several states.

Consumers should not eat the product but should contact Nestle Consumer Services at 866-606-8264 for a replacement coupon. Nestle would also like to make arrangements to retrieve the product for further examination.