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    Thread: Chaz aka chasity Bono women to man

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      Default Chaz aka chasity Bono women to man



      Tonight there was a show on tonight called Chaz,It was sonny and Cher's daughter chasity and now is called Chaz because she is turning into a man.Chaz had her breast removed and is taking testosterone to have all the man features and now for once in HIS life is finaly happy on he looks. No more boobs and now is turning into the man she fely like when she was born. When Chaz got old eniugh she was always confused and ofcourse a lesbian but after watching the show there was more. She just wasnt happy and always wanted to be a man.So shots of test now and total breast removal and now looks like a man. And to tell ya the truth not a freak looking man but a real looking man. He swims now with his shirt off,His hands are changing to more tought and bigger hands, Just all the man features are coming out. Chaz had a transgender laywer during the show and this one time female is now 100% look wise with a full beard bald head and you cant ever tell that was a women its crazy. Now call me goofy but this Chaz after watching the show and hearing his-her life story is happy and me personaly I dont care. Plus chaz has a smoken looking girlfriend how weird is that,lol the show is on comcast cable go try to look it up and tape it next time. And also CHER the mother is ok with it and Chaz has other brothers and sisters from chers other marriage and sonnys other marriage and all the kids are ok with this and beleive in chaz 100%,kinda cool

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      Default Re: Chaz aka chasity Bono women to man

      i dont have a problem with it either but i do have a problem with these type of people male to female and female to male being able to get prescription hormones for obvious cosmetic reasons with no fear of prosecution but a bodybuilder or gym rat will get hammered for it.

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      Default Re: Chaz aka chasity Bono women to man

      they're all freaks and should be put on an island like lepers.nevermind the doctors who do these operations.they're given a gift from God to perform medical miracles on people and this is what they do....change men to women/women to men?
      it's complete demonic possesion.then they all prance around and say this is how God was "supposed" to make me,but He made a mistake.sorry,God doesn't make mistakes.we can argue all day about this subject.if they're happy that's great.can't wait for their kids to go to school and hear "hey freako,i hear your dad used to have a twat!" let's not even get on the subject of gay marriage...fuckin weirdos gettin married and adopting a kid from all different countries.2 mommies and 2 daddies...wtf is going on with this world?it's the end...
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