In what I’m assuming is a desperate attempt to make everyone in New York City forget that he made The Cat In The Hat (Jesus, just … Jesus…) Alec Baldwin is planning on running for mayor. And why the hell not at this point. California elected a bodybuilding actor with a lovechild as their GOVERNOR, so mayor actually seems almost attainable at this point.

The “30 Rock” actor tells The New York Times he’ll sit out the 2013 race but will consider running in a later election.

In a wide-ranging interview, the 53-year-old says he’s talking with two universities about enrolling in a master’s program in politics and government. He says he wants to better understand what the fiscal imperatives of the mayor’s job are. SOURCE

Considering the only personal information I have to run on here is that Alec Baldwin makes terrible movies, great TV, and once called his daughter a rude little pig, I’m just going to assume his entire campaign is going to consist of him shouting quotes from 30 Rock: “NEVER GO WITH A HIPPIE TO A SECOND LOCATION! Vote me Mayor of NYC and just try to pretend those voicemails I left my daughter never happened, m’kay?”