Once I decided I wantedto marry my girlfriend I took her shopping for pocket watches. Jewelry stores tend tosell pocket watches, so I could go in and look at watches, and she tended to wandertoward the rings and such. When I was "done" looking at the watches in that store, Iwould go over and see what she was looking at and make small talk about the differentrings before herding her out to a new store to look at more watches. From that I thennoted the common features in rings she liked. For the proposal, I wrote abook. We are both avid readers and met in a bookstore, so I wrote a book that wentthrough important dates, milestones and cool things we had done since we met, and it culminated with Thanksgiving weekend, that being the weekend I proposed, and said, "The future is yet unwritten, and I hope we can choose our future's pathtogether to decide where we should go from here, and the first step in that is for me toask..." Then she turned the page and "Will you marry me?" was the only thing on the page,and I pulled the ring out. She said yes, and now we are having fun planning our wedding! Her friends and family loved it, and the first thing she wanted to do was call her mom totell her how I proposed.- Caleb Gross Continue Reading

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