This article is sponsored in part by Rogaine(What's this?)Advances in science and medicinehave allowed us guys to live, on average, well into our 70s. One consequence is that moreand more men are watching their hairgrow thin, and more and more of them are not content simply to watch ithappen. Collectively, with millions of men andwomen worldwide seeking help for hair loss, the full value derived from the simple act of a shrinking follicle is a figurewell into the billions of dollars. The surgical hair restoration industry alone, whichdoes not include hair growth formulas such as Rogaine, is estimated to be a $1.2 billionbusiness. Nobody wants to go bald. Many of us willanyway. Recognizing that, we present 10 statistics that should motivate you to startgiving the topic the attention it deserves. Continue Reading ]More...[/url]