It often takes a younger man several years (and a few tatteredshirts) to learn the basics of wardrobe maintenance. Other men have simply developed badhabits over time. Don’t worry, AskMen's Style Bible has all you need to keep your threads in top condition. Here is a brieflook at what you need to know right now about preserving your timeless wardrobe to lookyour best for the rest of your life.Rotate your clothing

The natural fibers of finely made clothes need to rest and breath in between outings.Sweaters, shirts and trousers need a break, but men's suits always need a vacation. AskMen's Style Bible stronglysuggests that suits get a day off before being worn again. This will prolong the life ofany suit no matter the thread count. Wool suits, in particular, stretch and move with you,but continuously wearing a suit causes tension in the weave. Rotating suits and blazers also helps the stitching remain strong. A single day on acedar hanger lets the fibers relax and regain their shape -- this also lets your clothingbreathe and expel odors picked up along the way. If at all possible, you should try tohang your suit outside for an hour. The fresh air and circulation will do it wonders, andthis won’t cost you a dime.Hang your clothes

It's far too easy to slip into the boyhood habit of tossing your clothes into a corner ofyour bedroom at the end of the day, but this will do far more harm over the long haul thananything else to your clothes. Even if you haven’t been out in the rain, yourclothes pick up moisture from you and they need to be hung up immediately to hold theirshape and dry without becoming musty and disfigured. Wash your clothes properly

Our next fashion tip on how to maintain your wardrobe involves learning how to wash yourclothes the right way by separating colors and materials into groups. Water temperature isanother factor. Yes, you should read the labels, but more importantly you also need toclose zippers and turn the clothes inside out. This little step protects the outside frombeing bruised and scuffed by the machine. Next, fill the machine with water and a liquiddetergent and allow it to mix thoroughly before dropping in your clothes (while this mightnot always be possible with front-loading washers, a top-loader works perfectly for thistechnique). These are quick little steps that, over time, pay off in a big way. Two more AM rule refresher tips you need to learn to maintain your wardrobenext... Continue Reading ]More...[/url]